Beans are people, too. Beans care about unclaimed explosives. Marvelous Effluvia is a nearly owned Trademark of Saint Eyebeat which is also a nearly owned trademark. So, if you like these pictures, that's great. And,  if you'd like to use some of the pictures I've drawn for this site, ask me. If you promise to give me appropriate credit and if the images will not be put to commercial use, I will generally agree.
Everything here was written or drawn by Saint Eyebeat who is known in the mundane world as Nancy A. Horn. She has taken the time to Trademark and Copyright her work. And, like these little beans, she is always watching.
I think that's pretty fair.
So, beware, there's no telling where something explosive might turn up. And, a little bean hand won't stop the big boom. Coming soon to a cartoon near you is Ms. Uterine. She flies, she chews, she spews, she's altogether frightening.
This is not a very good likeness of me except for the hat and I do love that hat.
I am a bit of a chemist and I could make one of these if I wanted to. You see, I like the archtypical image of the bomb as part of anarhist history and I like the idea that our government is stupid enough to scan the internet for the word bomb.
Moving Europa from Saint Eyebeat - this is the blog where you can find out all about the marvelous effluvia of saints.
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I hope you have fun here even if you're a dumb garbage collecting computer program from the NSA. This site is a hobby and not a job. Things are often half done or in disarray. If it's totally goofy, let me know and I'll try and fix it.
So, people ask me what is Marvelous Effluvia. Marvelous Effluvia is a term for the various oozings and drippings from the bodies of saints. I'm not kidding. It's a real term.